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CLEAN Genuine Lions Mane Extract + Uptake Blend

CLEAN Genuine Lions Mane Extract + Uptake Blend

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CLEAN LIONS MANE EXTRACT - 372.6mg (149mg Polysaccharides) and 41.4mg of Uptake blend. Each veg cap contains 7,452mg of whole herb Lions Mane, making it one of the strongest available. Our products are CLEAN - no nasty extras, fillers, or binders. Now with improved uptake blend. Proudly made in the UK, our VEGAN, vegetarian, gluten-free supplement contains 100% active ingredients with no chemical packaging or BPA. CHECK THE SMALL PRINT - 99.9% of supplements contain binders, fillers, and other additives. We guarantee the use of only clean and pure Lions Mane.



I have been using lions mane from BS for about 10 months for undiagnosed ADHD (My son went through diagnosis process and it all snapped into place as such). The results are life changing!! It reduces stress, anxiety and improves my ability to stay on task. In addition my recall capacity to learn new things has improved.

Sometimes a feel a bit too chilled out and skip days here and there and I have complete breaks as well. Not sure if this is entirely productive as I notice when its wearing off, but i have lived with this for over 40 years and in theory believe I would rather cycle it to maintain the benefits. Using BS Lions Mane in turn has improved my wellbeing and influenced better life choices (not letting opportunities go due to anxiety and fear).

I have spent years buying different products and supplements which claim to be the 'real thing' and wasted so much money in the process trying to find products that do what they are supposed to. I love that BS is focused on ethically delivering quality products and since I found them in 2020 I will not buy from anywhere else!!

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