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Complete Strength Cream Of Rice - 2KGs

Complete Strength Cream Of Rice - 2KGs

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Complete Strength Cream of Rice is a fast-acting, easily digestible, great tasting,  carbohydrate supplement. 

Advanced formula offers a tasty and convenient way to add carbohydrates throughout the day. 

Due to it's fast acting properties and nutritional value Cream of Rice is used by many of our athletes as their pre-workout and/or post-workout meal of choice. 

Each 2kg bag of Complete Strength Cream of Rice contains 80 servings - one 25g scoop is equivalent to 20g carbs.


  • Fast acting source of energy
  • Easily digestible
  • Great for pre and post workout meals
  • Perfect for adding carbs throughout the day - great for people who struggle to hit their daily carbohydrate target
  • Convenient meal for on the go 



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