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Chocaholic Malt Balls 240g

Chocaholic Malt Balls 240g

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Regulated Product Name

Rice Balls with a Milk Chocolate Flavour Coating with Sweeteners

Just as good as the marketing leading favourite, with 84% less sugar, our chocaholic malt balls have a sweet, milky chocaholic layered coating with a crunchy centre. Our malted milk balls are the perfect share-bag for on-the-go snacking, or curling up in front of the TV. 

Key facts 

  • 84% Less Sugar
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Buy in bulk and make extra savings

About our chocaholic products

Alternative chocolate can be hard to find, what might be low in calories may be high in sugars & fats, so it can be confusing to understand what makes the perfect alternative sweet treat. At the skinny food co, we offer complete transparency with all our snacks, sauces, syrups and sweets. Our chocaholic products are new and creative sweet treats designed to encourage a balanced diet eating, without compromising on flavours. 

So, what exactly do they taste like?

Similar version of some of the market-leading brands, you may be used to. But it’s still got loads of flavour to treat your taste buds. Perfect for chocaholics fanatics who are leading a certain lifestyle, but still desire a delicious snack! Lavishly tasty with no-added sugar these Skinny Malt Balls are delightfully sweet and ever so crunchy, satisfying cravings!

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight

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