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The Probiotic blend of Organifi Balance

The Probiotic blend of Organifi Balance

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Product benefits:

  • Improved digestion - with 5 science-backed strains for holistic digestion
  • Gut-flora diversity - with active and beneficial probiotics that are an essential element of microbiome wellness
  • Bloating and discomfort - thanks to a synergistic combination of widely studied strains


The key to health begins in the gut. It is crucial to the body’s health to replenish the quantity and variety of the symbiotic community in your gut. The probiotic blend of Organifi Balance is a powerful blend of 5 resilient strains of bacteria and yeast, widely studied for gut-health, immune health, mood and overall well-being. The prebiotic fibres are found in many plants that may help increase the beneficial gut bacteria and nourish colon cells. Whether you need daily support or just the occasional “pick-me-up” studies show that beneficial bacteria will aid overall health.


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